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For 34 years, a vision was born: to provide a unique experience for every traveler who landed in São Paulo. Thus emerged one of the pioneers in the city's receptive tourism, Blue Turismo, at that time still under another name.

Since then, Blue Turismo has been more than a tourism company. It has become an ambassador of São Paulo's hospitality, dedicated to turning every visit to São Paulo into a memorable journey, whether for business or leisure.


Our mission is clear: every tourist stepping on São Paulo's soil should feel not only welcome but also engaged in an authentic experience. From the moment they arrive until the time to say goodbye, we want our clients to feel part of the city, discovering its secrets, flavors, and culture in a unique way.


What sets us apart? Our services are tailor-made to meet the desires and individual needs of each traveler. Whether it's an airport transfer with all the necessary comfort or a personalized city tour to explore São Paulo's most iconic landmarks, we are here to make your travel dreams come true​!

Logo de o que fazemos

What we do

We will offer receptive service with excellence throughout the State of São Paulo, mainly in the capital.

Logo de obejtivo

Our goal

Cause a feeling of comfort and personal satisfaction to the tourists we serve, generating good
impression of our country.

Logo de quem servimos

Who we serve

Any and all tourists/executives/groups, national or international, who deserve special and quality attention within the State of São Paulo.

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